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Add Mobile to Individual Technology Strategy for Procurement

Don't force the technology worker to use one brand for a SmartPhone (Blackberry, Android, MS Windows, Apple). Leverage what the user is already buying. Give the end user a set amount of funds to purchase technology every three years.


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    Good recommendation but suggest 3 years is too long for mobile phones. Twelve to 18 months is more realistic given the pace of change.

    Would also suggest GSA negotiate with the top three wireless carriers for generic quantaties that mirror their market share; e.g., 45% of the phones from Verizon, 35% for AT&T and 20% for Sprint. Do not prescribe phone or operating system, let the users pick.

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    I agree, it is critical that the Gov not get locked into a single platform (look at the sales talk around Blackberry at this moment).

    I'd like to point out that this has implications beyond just the "yea yea yea, more devices" response; My favorite example of this is Sharepoint...

    In my experience, although you can browse SharepPoint sites from alternate browsers, you _can not_ "Move" files or gain access to some of the other administrative functions (because they're an activeX control that only works on IE).

    This means that any 'device agnostic' philosophy must also take into account that the services within the Department (or across Gov) can't be tied to specific devices. Or stated another way, if you have Sharepoint as a solution then you're stuck with needing Windows/IE for the full functionality.

    I believe this type of 'subtle lock in' to be inherently dangerous and needs to be managed appropriately. I'm not saying you tell every vendor they need to support 1,000 different platforms. However, if you were to state something to the effect of; USG applications must run on IE, Chrome, FF and Safari with equal functionality and not fail to permit the user to connect even with an alternate browser.

    That would go a long way to explaining expectations.

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    Suggest thinking beyond just phones. Consider using all mobile devices, such as tablets, when developing an Individual Technology Strategy.