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Create Mobility Centers of Excellence

Establish centers of excellence for common security services like app vetting, device/OS evaluations, certification and accreditation (i.e. mobile FedRAMP).


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    Do not limit to security. Create CoE for applications development, usability, etc.

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      Also, mobile platform operating systems and developer tools must support accessibility (Section 508), fully functional and inexpensive assistive technologies need to be available to federal employees, and agency application developers (and their contractors) need to follow best practices to ensure a richer and more inclusive strategy.

  2. Comment
    Rob Levy

    The plural use of center"s" is important. Create a CoE for major domains (security, technology, applications; or by functional use). Great idea!

  3. Comment

    Rick - I have talked about this idea to my boss quite a bit and within the DoD for mobility it is almost merging to that. The strings need to be pulled together a little more to make it more formalized/established. My thought was on some of the mobility groups that you and i have mentioned, be the leads for those projects.

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    I think this has some promise, particularly in light of the President's desire to see some 'reorganization' of Government.

    It would be important not to stifle innovation (i.e. not end up with a situation where someone in NASA can't develop an app because "that's XXX's job"). We'd be in terrible circumstances as a country if 'skunkworks' weren't permissable.

    However, it should be possible to have a CoE for "how do I get started" or "who owns this after I'm done". The latter being an important question if say a talented individual / far-sighted agency creates a hugely popular app that's grown beyond the ability of the agency to support it.

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    Don't ESTABLISH,

    just DO IT!!!!!

    We have the Internet. Put together a small team. Make a webpage. Market your niche. Write articles, get published, win awards.

    Just 3 people did it for AFRL's boot disk ( and so can you.

  6. Comment

    CoE's are a great approach to moving quickly - Agree with sweerek, "Just do it!" And "do" and "it" thatmakes sense - don't slove every program in one place before handing out some results. "Build a little, test a little, release a little" is tha foundation for an agile COE.

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    Rob Levy

    The agile approach is a great addition to this idea! Without creating the stovepipes, build a CoE "block," then test/assess/evaluate, adapt, and then build some more blocks.

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    Take a look at "Develop a Gov Mobility Innovation Ecosystem" and see the thinking there. I believe Rick's views and mine have synergy perhaps they can be combined. I have added additional information aside from the initial description in response to a comment made. Mobility truly is an ecosystem and I know Gov/Industry/Academia would all want to evolve the approach in such a way as there are not 'stovepipes of excellence'.

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    Mobile development skills can be hard to find. Centers of Excellence could provide best practices, samples, case studies and guidance.

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    Nikolay Bakaltchev

    Great idea - Centers of Excellence on Mobility can facilitate the deployment of mobile shared services across agencies, departments and the Federal government as a whole.

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    Agree - NASA has established a mobile center of excellence for 'internal' mobile apps. The NASA Center for Internal Mobile Applications (CIMA) is the creator and manager of apps@NASA – the Agency solution for centralized distribution of internal mobile applications which are intended for use by NASA-only audiences. The CIMA is operated out of the NASA Enterprise Applications Competency Center (NEACC).