Ideas for the Mobility Strategy

Design and create with sharing in mind

Strive for reusability, simplicity, and platform-independence to the maximum extent practicable when developing mobility solutions.


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  1. Comment
    Ann Aikin

    I love this idea! Why should we all have to recreate the wheel each time?

  2. Comment

    I also agree with Ann, but would make this even stronger.

    It's hard to understand the implications of a statement "design to share" or "design for usability". However, it's much easier to understand "this needs to work for everyone whether they're blind or sighted" (e.g. 508)

  3. Comment
    wfsmith ( Idea Submitter )

    Good morning wjhuie,

    I presume a clear example would help. At CDC we strive for such flexibility and reusability in the new media and mobile products we build. To this end, we will take the extra time to build and open an API to deliver the content to a new product, which then allows us to use that content in existing products or additional future ones.

    For example, we use our content syndication platform and API ( to deliver content to mobile apps, web widgets and apps and open it up for public use as well. The same API and content can power iOS, Android, J2ME, RIM, etc applications. This allows us to separate a great deal of the business logic to the back end, thus reducing future product development costs or time to market.

    The value of this approach is not its newness, as this has been around in the private sector for years. The value is the overall, systematic approach to not only opening the vast stores of government data and content to the public, but to use these same or similar APIs for our own products, whether internal or public facing.

  4. Comment

    Service-oriented architectures can help with sharing. If applications are designed and built as services that can be reused, then it saves time and effort for the next application that needs that service.