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Develop Shared Services Catalog

Develop government-wide shared services catalog that houses code, application programming interfaces (APIs), and web-services that agencies and the public can easily access and use. This will encourage cross-sharing of data, code, etc. (emulating – “”).


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  1. Comment

    A shared services catalog could save time and funding! I like the idea of sharing and exchanging code, ideas and other data.

  2. Comment
    Gwynne Kostin ( Idea Submitter )

    What's some the tools expected or needed in a shared services platform? In addition to APIs and services, Dept of Labor is publishing SDKs (see

    What about standards/guidelines?

  3. Comment

    I agree, there needs to be information on how to access authenticated data sources that contain accurate and reliable data from which decisions can be made. One problem is that most federal data is in a deplorable condition, partially completed, missing links, and even budget data cannot be used because of a lack of information quality.

  4. Comment
    David Knisely

    This is great. Just submitted an idea that hopefully happens that relates to this - to make Mobility a Line of Business. This kind of catalog could be stood up through centers of excellence / shared service centers, just like the government already does for HR, Financial, cyber security, etc tools.

  5. Comment
    Fed user

    This is not a new idea, but it's still a good one. To catch up with the times, we should probably call it a "Federal App Store" or something more up to date than a "shared services catalog". I see this evolving community by community, rather than as a single one for every user in government.

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      Gwynne Kostin ( Idea Submitter )

      This is broader than a Fed App Store. (Although that might be an idea that you'd like to add?). When I think app store, I am thinking about completed apps that I can download and use. This idea is more about sharing the building blocks for apps--as well as other services that support mobile. In that vein, I think that we should have a single sharing standard, if not a single place to share.

  6. Comment
    Ben Ellison

    Isn't this something very similar to what California (or some cities within California) have done? (providing APIs, etc.)

  7. Comment

    I agree with Gwynne, that this is broader than an 'app store'. My personal thought that I came to express is that an API reference is something that should be done regardless of the platform.

    Otherwise we'll only end up with those APIs that agencies consider 'mobile', i.e. not very many.

    This is a great idea, but needs it's own initiative, much like NASA's open source announcement for;

  8. Comment

    Hi Gwynne - Moving the Government from an 'applications aggregator' to an 'applications enabler' is a great vision and there are excellent commercial platform models to do this. Love the broad thinking that agencies would come to their 'applications enablement platform' which is full of tools/resources/services. And further that developers, partners and entrepreneurs would come there for their tools/resources/data. I wish I could imbed a visual I use with the entire ecosystem of partners,developers, and entrepreneurs working together to develop Apps for Citizens (or for Gov missions). This is a wonderful area for focus!

    The goal is trying not to have 26 agencies do everything 26 times - Agencies could come into the 'environment' and pick tools/resources etc to do apps development. Plus they could host and create next gen customer service environment for citizens as additional services -- bottom line - they would offer a 'platform for all' to use i.e. a shared technology platform.

  9. Comment
    Nikolay Bakaltchev

    Developing a Shared Services Catalog of federal mobile-enabled technologies both for Techical Services (developers) and for Business Services (end users) is a terrific idea - it offers a clear vision as to where Federal Mobility should be headed.

  10. Comment

    Some mobile platforms have developed APIs to support accessibility (Section 508) and many agencies are building libraries of example code and reusable patters that support accessibility. This is a standard model for development (platform services utilized by application developers), and a Federal Mobility Strategy should explicitly express government requirements be priority for platform APIs and their respective development environments.

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    Community Member

    I agree that the catalog is a sound approach, however I strongly recommend that as part of the selection process each component be evaluated based on security and overall protection of data that can be collected.

  12. Comment

    Agree - We've recognized the need for this within NASA and have begun to build a repository to house shared services and reusable components. In addition, we are standing up an Agency-wide developer forum to complement the code repository.