Ideas for the Mobility Strategy

Develop a Gov Mobility Innovation Ecosystem

Develop an Innovation Center where Industry and Academia partners can come together in a live 'sandbox' environment to create and develop prototype solutions to address the US Gov's mission needs. This would bring the expertise and technology from the mobility community in infrastructure, devices, applications content and security. This ecosystem could help create, evaluate and validate service concepts in a very agile way delivering tangible results faster for Government agencies to share.


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    This is such a great idea, if you're going to require device independence and other aspects of vendors then there needs to be a place where they can test things.

    Model this after the IPv6 testing labs, and make it more "agency interactive" (e.g. I'd love to see agencies trying to do this type of interoperability testing too).

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    Already done... in several respects.

    One I'll mention is the Air Force Research Lab's Secure End Node Testbed that enables exploring new authentication techniques & technologies for whatever end node (Internet-enabled device/computer you might have)... and for evaluating that end nodes security within a realistic commercial cloud (e.g Google Apps for Govt, Amazon EC2, etc.)

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      ktcowles ( Idea Submitter )

      That is excellent - but to put more context around this concept of a Gov Innovation Ecosystem:

      By fostering collaboration among infrastructure, device, applications and content companies, we can bring together the resources and expertise required to overcome the many technical and business barriers to widespread deployment of next generation services and applications.

      Here is what an example of what we could address:


      Facilitating communication and collaboration across the complete value chain eliminates "innovation in a silo"

      Encouraging creativity and early prototyping – "crowd sourcing" ideas, solutions and opportunities – unleashes fast innovation cycles

      Expediting development – early collaboration prevents waiting for everything to be just right at a component level and then finding misalignment between players

      Aligning directions of innovation expedites making of new markets for all

      Connectivity and Distribution

      Increasing bandwidth (access spectrum and network infrastructure)

      Improving indoor wireless network coverage

      Accelerating adoption of standards/open interoperable Service Delivery Platforms (SDPs)

      Improving networked device capabilities while decreasing cost

      Digital Media Management and QoS

      Improving cross-application security and privacy

      Addressing Digital Rights Management

      Managing QoS across IP and non-IP systems

      Accelerating adoption of standards for content delivery and management

      Applications and Service Integration

      Rapid development of applications and clients

      Improving layout of Web content on mobile devices

      Business Models and Business Cases

      Replacing inflexible pricing models

      Creating new partnerships and bringing innovation from the commercial sector (and new companies) to address Gov mission needs