Ideas for the Mobility Strategy

Holistic Mobile Strategy

The mobile strategy needs to consider:

1) Who the audience is

2) What device(s) they have

3) What you want to achieve

Different audiences have different expectations. Frequent users might like a app on their device from an app store. First-time or infrequent visitors will not download an app. They will expect to access with the web browser on their mobile device. Frequent users will want the navigation to be streamlined. New users may need more information to help them navigate the site.

Targeting only a subset of available mobile devices will result in discrimination. The government shouldn't only target expensive devices.

Goals should be things like: reach America's youth, participate in social networks, and provide information to more people.


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    Holistic is important, both internally consistent as well as externally (I.e. integrating the mobile strategy with all the other OMB strategies and mandates).