Ideas for the Mobility Strategy

Mobile payments app directly from United States Treasury

The primary function of the United States Treasury is to supply the public a service called "money". In its current form, the only way the public may use this service in any practical way is if they simultaneously choose to do business with finance companies known as "banks". According to United States Code, Chapter 12, Section 17, Subsection 1841 (c), banks have been legally granted a business model that allows them to circumvent the law of the free-market, as it pertains to capital, by bundling the two most essential services of accessing the 1) storage, & 2) movement of money with the service of 3) investing it (loans = investments). In other words, because people who use the service of money from the Treasury cannot conveniently access the service of storing and moving it, they must also choose to fund poorly performing investment firms with capital they did not rightfully earn.

To make sure that capital is finally allocated to its rightful owners, which are people who have verifiably earned above-average sustainable rates of return, the United States Treasury must forgo its policy of outsourcing access to the 1) storage and 2) movement of money to investment firms by directly providing access to such services to users via mobile technology. Empowering citizens and visitors of the United States to transmit and receive payment through interest-free online accounts will not only ensure that people are capable of conveniently participating in a modern economy, but it will also uphold a far more effective standard of the First Amendment in that people will be able to reject the questionable investment theses advanced by inept investment firms.

"System Accounting", as an online platform made accessible by mobile technology, gives users the capacity to transmit and receive money between one another while also having the cash-accounting function automated for them. The benefit to automating the cash-accounting function is to enable users to publish the performance of their business online, thereby providing for the appropriate market signaling that gets capital moving in the "right direction". The right direction obviously refering to those whose revenue the Treasury has recorded to be more than expense (profit). Now the public is doing the circumventing around Wall Street!

Finally, because storing and moving money is now made convenient and informative, system accounting makes it easy to automate taxes, dividends, or any other promise that refers to a dependent economic event in the future. Please take a look at the system accounting software, and consider its adoption ( By modernizing the Treasury and the IRS, we'll be able eliminate tax-avoidance, pay off our debts expediently, create an efficient market for capital, establish an unprecedented level of transparency, and—in the years to come—dispense with the titanically-confusing concept of a “central bank”. Why? Because we’ll no longer have any need for one since "banks" will eventually be converted to regular investment firms that must obtain capital because they've "earned" it; not because they also happen to be providing us access to services We, the People should be providing to ourselves.



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