Ideas for the Mobility Strategy

Replace Landlines and Ethernet with Wireless Systems

Is the Federal government wants to truly go mobile, recommend eliminating all landline phones and replacing them with either employee-owned or government smartphones. This will not only save money, but make life easier for all Feds.

Also, let's implement secure wireless systems to replace the old ethernet wired systems. This will allow more employees to work in less space, promote office-sharing, and provide true mobility for employees. This will also promote continuity of operations if Feds can securely access systems using any wifi hotspot.


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    This is a great idea. I would add that the soft-phone system we are incorporating in our GSA Regional Office Building is another great way to go wireless. For those unaware of the technology, the Cisco IP Communicator is essentially a screenshot of your work telephone, with all of the same functions. By plugging in a bluetooth headset into a USB port, the phone works through the computer. The IP Communicator does everything your landline did, with even clearer sound capability.

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    Many probably but "eliminating all landline phones" obviously not.

    Same with wireless. For those who work w/ little sensitive/valuable data sure if max security implemented on the network & all connecting device. For those who deal with data that's important, nothing beats physical containment.

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    I agree with this idea, and have a similar one under "Mandate Mobility".

    One of the comments there pointed out that mobility is more than just telephones, a brilliant insight.