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The power of crowds

Everyone—specifically everyone with an internet-enabled device—is a sensor. All of these individuals have the capability to report events in real-time. As federal budgets are slashed, the Federal Mobility Strategy can incorporate the use of free, publically available information to uncover first-hand situation reports. Constant flow of geo-tagged information and images provides government the opportunity to collaborate with the public and allocate resources more effectively.


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    Sensors are definitely a good 'passive' usage for mobile platforms. It would be worth incorporating 'active vs. passive' aspects of mobile devices into the strategy.

    For example, wouldn't there be a COOP benefit to knowing where people are based on location services and the sensor side of things can definitely make even more options available!

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      Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

      I partially agree, but it depends on how we define "active" and "passive." In my mind, an example of active participation would be individual citizens directly communicating with government through government-created webpages or twitter accounts. "Passive" may be using geo-tagged pictures from sites like Instagram to gain a real-time understanding of events from citizens on site.

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    Web site and applications should enable user-generated content like comments, tags and ratings. By adding these into the site, users become more engaged by posting. Readers have hints to what is valued on the site by other users.

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      I'd actually rather Gov sites not try to host dialogue. That's what sites like FB, Twitter and Idealscale are for.

      If they're going to try to make every page a forum then they should at least use a service like disquis so that citizens don't have to have multiple credentials, and every agency doesn't have a one-off solution.

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    I think that an FBI app includes capability of engaging citizens in law enforcement and there are apps that are available to citizens to participate in citizen-science around threatened and endangered species, so there is a lot of potential here.