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Web To Mobile - Content Portability

Since each agencies have web content that is being used on day-to-day basis, extending the web content to Mobile approach helps to easily adopt mobile strategy for any agency. Based on the Page-Views of the Web-Content it will be easy to prioritize the content portability to mobile.


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    I like the approach to tracking and prioritizing sites by traffic. I'd also like to see the mobile side being combined with other initiatives / requirements such as IPv6, and let's get more consistent search and 508 compliance while we're at it.

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    Managing web content across multiple web sites can be a big challenge. Web content needs to be widely reusable to improve quality and avoid duplication of work by content authors. Web Content Management systems should allow the easy reuse of content in their repository by other systems.

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    Agreed and enabling cloud computing to help analyze the web traffic could help identify and manage the data to port over to mobile.

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    Mark Samblanet

    I have watched the steady progression of technology from large mainframes to PCs to smartphones. The Federal Government no longer drives the pace or direction of technology. Mobile and future strategies will evolve with or without Government backing. To be successfull, CONTENT NEEDS TO BE SEPARATED FROM DELIVERY METHODS. After all, this is why HTML and XML were devleoped. The Government manages the content and should maintain it in a format that is easily processed by various delivery channels, includin mobile apps, mobile web, telephone (IVR), standard web, or whatever else develops. That will avoid this discussion being repeated for new technologies.

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    Current websites should be evaluated to see whether or not its even worth converting them to mobile and this shouldn't be based on traffic alone. Also, we shouldn't blindly convert our websites directly to mobile. It's a completely different platform and method of interaction. Sites should be evaluated to see what the ROI is for redesigning for mobile devices and an appropriate design should be put together.