Ideas for the Mobility Strategy

A Preferred Mobile Device Quality Management program?

In view of the recently released DoD Mobile Device Management (MDM) procurement standards (which I believe is being used to encourage discussion for a national MDM solution),healthcare mobile computing quality challenges communicated by the DHHS & Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society last December (many concerns regarding data protection, privacy, security & growing acceptance of BYOD),it's apparent that there's a need for a preferred mobile device quality management soulution (or framework...or methodology).This solution should be built not only to reflect standard best practices in both the public & private sectors, but should also reflect applicable NIST or ISO security & testing measures to further strenghten such solution (and also cross-reference and build upon government accepted standards). A program of this nature will reflect recognized maturity levels, benchmark specific compliance & security requirements, be auditable by federal agencies (and other contracted third-parties), and may even offer some type of industry accepted certification. If some program like this currently exists, please accept my apologies.



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