Ideas for the Mobility Strategy

Connection and Integration

Mobility offers the federal workforce an unprecedented and exciting opportunity to innovate, streamline processes, eliminate redundancies and integrate departments and agencies , but the key to success I believe is connection and integration.


In Connection, the mobility strategy should assess organizations and functions within two categories, connection-oriented and connectionless. Connection-oriented organizations and functions rely on data link layers, virtual links, and network layer protocols between a sender and a receiver. Connectionless organizations and functions do not require such a link and can transmit data without a connection between sender and receiver. Identifying which functions operate in which space, is the first step in implementing integration.


As we know, the federal government is a massive, living, breathing organism with multiple agencies, departments, and offices each operating within their own standards of communication and within their own networks. Working to connect organizations who rely on each other for information and who then provide that consolidated information to the citizen, should be the first to be assessed for connection efficiency.


Connection is also critical during disaster response and emergency situations. It is no coincidence that in the past decade, the world has been rocked by an increase in the number of major disasters and this trend may not end anytime soon. So investing in a connection approach where not only Government agencies but Nongovernmental agencies and foreign disaster relief organizations can plug and play into a dedicated communications system is crucial to effective and manageable disaster response.


Finally, there is integration. Integration is the act of combining into an integral whole. Integration in a mobility strategy should include integration among all the devices, providers, applications, and software to effectively feed the agency that feeds the government. A consolidated package I believe would work best or a group of consolidated packages connected together.


Times are exciting indeed but the real work I believe, has yet to begin. It is my belief that more important than spending millions in new product development, it is essential first to discover where the disconnects are, where the efficiencies exist, how to replicate efficiencies, and finally how to standardize, connect and integrate across the board.


Thanks for the opportunity to participate!


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