Ideas for the Mobility Strategy

Cultivate hub w/ practical resources & evolving framework

Agency efforts to leverage use of mobile computing are rapidly evolving from…


• Tackling Policy and Governance (are we going to deploy mobile devices and what controls should be in place?), to…

• Implementing Device Management (actively managing use of deployed devices (e.g., MDM, identity management), to…

• Deploying disruptive apps (getting apps done now for specific missions and using challenges and other new agile business models to accelerate time to value), to…

• Taking disruptive innovation into sustainable enterprise practice and value (embedding mobile possibilities into everyday management of agency mission and operations to continuously evolve and improve in multiple short-burst cycles, collaborating with peers in government, industry, academia and non-profits to build on the best of work done by others and not reinvent wheels).


No one person or entity or sector has the answer to navigate this evolution perfectly. And agencies are at different stages of this continuous evolution, with…


• A subset of agencies just doing it, creating pockets of innovation and proving the value of mobile in specific mission apps and new agile business models

• Other agencies facing challenges to cross the chasm from having innovative ideas to putting them into practice (e.g., resolving security and mobility policies)

• Nearly all agencies still working towards taking disruptive innovation from pockets of excellence to embedding mobile innovation into how the agency does business enterprise-wide.


This highlights the importance of establishing a continuously evolving resource hub that provides agencies a framework and practical resources to address barriers and cross the chasm from idea to innovation to practice. Topics to tackle would include, but not be limited to:


• Rapid time-to-value development, deployment and business models

• Open source

• Crowdsourcing

• Open data sets

• Commercial vs. government standards

• Lessons to be learned from the Internet application modernization evolution (e.g., from static web sites to web-based skins over legacy apps to robust web applications)


Such a forum can connect commercial innovation efforts by Federal CTO Aneesh Chopra with existing forums for government-industry collaboration (e.g., ACT-IAC ( Advanced Mobility Working Group and Institute for Innovation), as well as academia and non-profits.


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