Ideas for the Mobility Strategy

Distinguish between Mobile-Only vs Platform Neutral

A distinction should be made between applications whose intended use are considered mobile-only vs applications that are considered platform-neutral (mobile,tablet,desktop). Guidance can be established (guidelines, best practices,...) for analyzing mobile compatibility requirements for new applications.


If a web application is determined to be platform neutral whereby the user expects to use it from any web enabled device, then federal web developers should consider an architecture strategy that allows them to code the application once using a single set of libraries rather than maintaining two separate code sets, one for desktop web browsers, and one for mobile. There are several methods of maintaining a single code base to support both platforms.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to leverage HTML5 and Javascript libraries that are platform neutral (e.g., allow users interface widgets to function properly on both desktop and mobile browsers).

Examples of such libraries are Yahoo User Interface Javascript library version 3 (YUI3), and OpenLayers Javascript mapping library which easily allow for proper function of drag events (e.g., sliders, drag-handles, map panning,...) on BOTH desktop and mobile devices from a single library.


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