Ideas for the Mobility Strategy

Identify potential Shared Service Centers

Department-level CIOs should use the principles in OMB’s “Shared First Strategic Framework” and promote sharing of mobility approaches within and across agencies. A wireless device or mobile device management (MDM) service being used in one component could be adopted by others within the department, thus saving time and expense to acquire and deploy. For example, FEMA comprehensively overhauled its telecommunications management framework (i.e. acquisition, usage policies, and business processes) and, as a result, has realized more than $20M in cost avoidance since 2009. Instead of procuring new systems and support services, government agencies could benefit from leveraging successful operations such as that established at FEMA as a shared service. To this end, the Government as a whole could benefit from a cross-agency study that generates an inventory of effective telecom management (general) and MDM (specific) frameworks to learn which can be leveraged as “Shared Services Centers.”


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