Ideas for the Mobility Strategy

Mobile Platform as a Service

Create a federal mobility platform that includes the following:


- mobile app development tool

- mobile app library

- central cloud storage

- client component providing security and app shell

- security/user management, common capability but replicated for each user agency



- user agencies can modify apps from library or create their own in a short period of time. Inspections, ticketing, inventory, etc are good examples

- completed apps would be uploaded to library and shared with community

- collected information would be stored in agency secure partition of cloud storage but selected information could be shared into federal partition or public partition



- apps would precisely meet agency needs

- agencies could build apps for the most arcane needs for which there are no commercial apps

- data standards would emerge from within federal user community rather than be driven by vendor community

- apps could meet immediate needs (e.g. emergency response)

- apps could be run on any device (BYOD)

- data would be consolidated reducing cost and enabling information sharing, analysis, open government

- system would serve as a collaboration platform for agencies to create, enhance, and optimize mobility.


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