Ideas for the Mobility Strategy

Mobility - Smoobility. We're just killin' ourselves here.

a contrarian POV:

Desktop, PDA, laptop, smartphone, iPad, eyeglasses, brain implants, dial-up, Ethernet, WiFi, 4G, whatever... its all just a computer that becoming faster, more powerful, and more connected. Its all the same! We didn't have a Federal Dial-up Strategy, why do we need a Federal Mobility Strategy?


The implementation of a FMS will prevent the end result sought - to make us more mobile.


We cannot "take advantage of the mobile opportunity" if the Federal Mobility Strategy ever become more than a website for this curmudgeon's comments.


Allow me to explain.


Govt will never catch up. Govt will fall farther behind as technology/culture/etc moves faster because enterprises are run with bureaucracy and bureaucracy is fundamentally opposed to change. Also, size and history hae inertial. These cannot change. The Fed Govt is the largest and near oldest bureaucracy and thus has the largest mass of any enterprise. The very idea of a Federal-anything means it will be slow. Powerful yes, agile no. Things can only be nimble when small. Thus the innovative, anti-enterprise question each Govt office MUST ask is what can we get away with legally to get our job done. This include the now popular mobility idea. Adding more Federal-anything just encumbers that process.



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