Ideas for the Mobility Strategy

Mobility Strategy – Remain Device Independent/Adopt HMTL5

One of the best mobility strategies for the US Federal Government is to adopt a mobile policy that is device independent. By adopting standards like HTML 5, developers can develop once and deploy to multiple devices. This would protect the Government’s technology investments, and would provide the Government with the most flexibility in terms of dealing with new and unforeseen technology advancements. The mobile computing space, is a rapidly changing environment, as evident in today’s mobile marketplace. We are seeing the decline of the Blackberry Device, which was once unthinkable, the rise in popularity for the Google Android platform, and the new emergence of new technologies like APPLE TV, and Google TV. The mobility marketplace is extremely competitive and dynamitic, making it difficult to foresee and predict what device or platform is the next “BIG THING”. So my suggestion, is to adopt Standards like HTML 5 with a “Device Independence” as guiding principal for government mobile policy.


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