Ideas for the Mobility Strategy

Mobility Strategy means getting ready to Loose Control ...

Armed with powerful mobile devices, consumers and employees have become the force behind a wireless wave of change. Whether they are seeking where their tax refund is, looking for discounted prices, discussing/following/liking an idea or person, these mobile end-users are growing impatient with enterprises that are still trying to control behavior and the sharing of information. Enterprises that fail to learn how to give up some of that control and innovate to meet the evolving needs of their constituents could soon find themselves in the back of the pack.


The notion of relinquishing control in order to win is counter-intuitive for most large enterprises and the government. They have spent their corporate lives putting controls and processes in place to regulate behavior, maintain a common identity/brand and drive efficiencies. But the very controls that define them are also the ones that may impede their ability to innovate around mobility, given that such innovation is all about allowing the end-user to discover what new and useful things they can do with mobile enabled technology. As enterprises will come to realize, control is just an illusion in the digital world.


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