Ideas for the Mobility Strategy

Modular Development of Mobile Solutions

Security, device agnosticism, and usability are all critical facets to broad mobility adoption. As consumer expectations continue to bleed over to everyday business use the divide between what the government can offer in way of mobility will continue to grow.


Regardless of what needs to be defined and built around mobility in the Federal space, the core ability to implement the strategy falls back to the processes used to execute on the strategy. One area I feel is critical to this revolves around rethinking the way mobile applications, or any application for that matter, are defined and built. One of the moves in the Federal government points toward Agile Software Development. I believe it’s important to call out how mobile applications are going to be defined, designed and built as part of the strategy.


The primary question is how can the government catch up and stay on a level playing field. The speed in which the government can execute on their mission is critical, therefore, I believe we need to take a hard look at how we go about defining and executing on solutions.



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