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No Mention of IT, Information Assurance (IA) or Cybersecurity???

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Wow ... what a great start! Kudos to All those involved in this challenging endeavour...


As I was reviewing the DRAFT strategy, I found it really surprising with all the issues of BYOD, Privacy, Data @ Rest, DataNTransit and DataNUse that there is no mention of IT, IA or Cybersecurity?


Are you going to place the security topics under the GOVERNANCE Core Objective?


Or maybe you are considering that all .gov & .mil agencies will follow and observe all other applicable NIST and National Security Guidlnes with the mobile device just being another endpoint of the network?


I think DoD, State Dept, IC and other government agencies which all have an international/global presence will be very interested in how the Federal Government is going to secure these devices as we are combining and shrinking our networks for more efficiency and/or cost savings!


Also, I found it strange that there was no mention of the distributed computer systems aka "Cloud" but w/o the "Cloud" you have no connectivity which is the lifeline of mobility?


So again Kudos to U All ... What a great first step!




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