Ideas for the Mobility Strategy

Secure multi-factor authentication empowers data sharing

Leveraging a user's own smart device such as an iPad, tablet, iPhone, or other smart phone can provide significant cost savings for the Federal government. The issue becomes how to securely authenticate the user with strong multi-factor credential to meet level of assurance 3 requirements. This is done today with software credentials such as those from CA ( and other vendors.


Today, technicians from the FAA carry 38 pounds of manuals and equipment to the far reaches of the world to service radio beacons and towers. Having the correct manuals and keeping the specific manuals current is a huge effort. Providing this documentation as a downloaded pdf or better yet, not downloading the data (so that it is not resident on the device in case of loss) would provide current correct information directly where and when needed. Secure authentication would provide a way to make sure that only those authorized could access the data. For an overview of these ideas look at this webinar recording:


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