Draft Federal Mobility Strategy Outline

Building a 21st Century Government Using the Power of Mobility

The six core objectives are part of a larger framework for the Federal Mobility Strategy. The framework includes components needed to understand why the Federal government should develop a Mobility Strategy, what the ultimate goals of the strategy are, and what the roadmap is for implementation. Your ideas and comments on how to achieve the six core Mobility Strategy objectives will help ensure that all perspectives and issues have been considered.

To see where the six core objectives fit within the larger Mobility Strategy framework, please see below:

Draft Federal Mobility Strategy Outline

1. Executive Summary/Foreword

2. Introduction

3. The Case for Change: Why Mobile, Why Now
   ● Scope of the strategy
   ● Current state and trends – commercial sector
      e.g. Consumerization
   ● Current state and trends – government
      e.g. Fragmented efforts

4. Federal Mobility Goals
   ● Improve delivery of government information, products and services
   ● Engage citizens in government
   ● Reduce the cost of government operations
   ● Increase Federal workforce productivity

5. Guiding Principles
   ● Align activities across traditionally separate domains
   ● No one size fits all – agency-specific implementation plans
   ● Crawl, walk, run – incremental but forward-leaning approach
   ● Complement and support national priorities

6. Core Objectives
   ● Incorporate the power and possibilities of mobility into Federal government efforts
   ● Build mobile technologies/services for reuse and share common services among agencies and public developers
   ● Efficiently manage mobile and wireless acquisition, inventory, and expenses
   ● Create a government-wide foundation to provide mobility services and functionality that are needed in all agencies
   ● Foster collaboration (among agencies, academia, industry, etc.) to accelerate mobility across government
   ● Establish governance structure for Federal mobility

7. A Roadmap for Federal Mobility
   ● Phase 1: Short term
      e.g. Create centralized acquisition vehicle(s)
   ● Phase 2: Medium term
      e.g. Develop app strategy
   ● Phase 3: Long term
      e.g. Address structural challenges in broadband

8. Governance

9. Conclusion